Friday, April 4, 2014

A bit of this and that

Thanks for all the kinds words about Squirt. I miss her a lot, and I know this summer is going to be hard without my swimming buddy at the cottage. Everyone is going to ask where the “chien du lac” is. She won’t be with me in the water, but she’ll always be wit me in my heart…

squirt on dock maine 2011

On a brighter note, I’ve got some really exciting projects to share with you – two huge basement makeovers, and our master bathroom reno is FINALLY finished! Here’s a little teaser sneak peek…

sink faucet 1

Also, I’ve been going paint crazy! I’m loving the new technique that I tried out…

Sparkly Waters sigSparkly Waters


rainbow metals 2 sigMolten Rainbow


molten metallics 2 pm sigPurple Flow

And this colourful one that I just finished today…

rainbow explosion sigRainbow Explosion


Happy weekend!

jax sig 2


  1. Awww sending hugs. I feel the same way about Lucy... still.

    Lovely work!

  2. Love every picture here especially Squirt and the Rainbow Explosion. Bathroom too looks amazing.

  3. ooops, somehow lost my comments. I'll try again...
    I know you will miss Squirt for a long time, especially at certain times like at the lake.
    Your bathroom looks so glamorous!
    And I'm thrilled you are still painting -- great work

  4. Thanks for the teaser now when do we get to see the whole thing!

    Sorry to hear about squirt.


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