Saturday, March 1, 2014

Squirt in the surf

It’s been a rough few days here – our Black Lab Squirt was diagnosed with cancer at the end of January, and took a turn for the worse on Wednesday. Up till then, she was happy and comfortable and showed no signs of being in any pain or discomfort. Now, she can’t even stand up :-( I hate seeing her in distress, and I know we’re going to have to make the decision that all pet owners dread in the next day or two.

Back in August 2010, hubby and I took Squirt and Jackson on a trip to Nova Scotia. We went with some flyball friends and all their dogs – there were 20 dogs between us all! We took the dogs to the beach every day and played with them in the ocean. It was an awesome week, and this is how I’m always going to remember Squirt – having the time of her life in the ocean surf. Here are some of my favourite pictures from that week…

pr dogs running RS

Squirt and Jackson… splish-splash!

JS running RS

JS running away RS

B throwing stick

splash RS

splash stick RS

sharing stick RS

squirt running 3 RS

squirt running 2 RS

squirt 7 RS

squirt 5 RS

squirt 2 RS

Squirt getting nailed by a big wave – hehehehehe!

squirt in waves RS

Sticks are fun!

squirt in water with stick RS

jax stick RS

gb squirt in water cool tail RS

in the waves RS

Don’t make me share…

got the stick RS

got the stick 2 RS

Well then, I’ll just get two of my own…

squirt two sticks RS

A couple of big shakes…

gb squirt shaking RS

jax face shake RS

…and a roll in the sand…

S sand RS

That was fun!

squirt drippy chin RS

jax RS

Cancer might take Squirt away from us, but nothing will take away our love for her and our happy memories of our almost-11 years together.

Give your pet an extra-big hug & kiss today.

jax sig 2


  1. Thank you for sharing these awesome pictures! Squirt truly did love the water by the looks of it. Blessed be those that can take an animal and make them a part of their family, their life. Squirt will always hold a special place in your heart...always.

    1. Deborah, she definitely will. I miss her a lot, and it's going to be so strange not having my swimming buddy with me at the cottage this summer. She's a popular girl around our cottage - she's knows as "le chien du lac" (dog of the lake). She was the only dog who ever swam all the way around the lake - every weekend!

  2. Beautiful photos, just full of fun. I loved them. My love and thoughts to you over the next few days. Every pet owner dreads this time but I know you will make the perfect decision when it is needed xxxx

    1. Thank you Kate. Sadly, we did have to make that decision sooner rather than later :-( But I'll always have happy memories of our almost-11 years with Squirt.

  3. Oh Kelly, I am so so sorry, We have been there more than I would like to remember, and it is never easy. My thoughts are with you.
    Thank you for the photos, a testement to the wonderful memories you will always have.

    Maryanne @ The Garden

    1. Thank you Maryanne. Our pets really are our family, and it's so hard when we lose them. I've been going through older photos of Squirt, and realize that I have way more than I realized! And lots of them are of her near or in her favourite place - the water :-)

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    1. Kelly and Brian: So terribly sad to learn that Squirt is so ill and thinking of you at this difficult time. Warm hugs -Brenda-
      "Until one has loved an animal
      A part of one's soul remains untouched".
      -Author Unknown-

    2. Thank you Brenda. I love that quote - so very true :-)

  5. Oh gee, I've wondered how Squirt was doing. It sounds like it's that time but I know how very difficult it is to say goodbye. I love seeing those images of Squirt having a blast.

    1. Thank you Diane. I'm happy that we were able to bring Squirt to the ocean with us quite a few times - she came with us to Nova Scotia twice, PEI, and Maine. She was a great traveler and a very well-mannered house guest :-)


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