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DIY capiz chandelier

I originally blogged about this DIY project on my old blog, DTTD imagine.design.create

Have you seen the awesome DIY capiz chandeliers out there in the blogosphere? Here are just a few that inspired me to make my own – and yes, believe it or not, they’re all FAUX capiz. {Click the images to read about how each one was made.}

Lisa Roy Muskoka |A Happy Place Called Home |SZInteriors

I’ve already hung chandeliers just about everywhere in the house that a chandelier can go. Ahhhh, but wait! What about this spot in the hallway outside the bedrooms…

JAX does design capiz diy 1

I had a couple of old brass chandeliers that I tried to give to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, but they didn’t want them. Can you believe it?! Who wouldn’t be all over this brass & plastic beauty ;-)

JAX does design capiz before 1

I can’t find a before picture of the chandelier I used when it was hanging in the dining room, but it’s the same as the one above that used to hang in our entry, except it’s tiered as opposed to spiraled. But the tiers were opposite from the direction I needed them to go, plus it was too big. So hubby worked a little magic on it and changed it from too big and upside down to just right.

JAX does design capiz during 1 JAX does design capiz during 2

Now the fun part – making the faux capiz shells. The first step is to iron three sheets of wax paper together. Over and over and over. It takes a LOT of wax paper! Put parchment paper on top of the wax paper before you iron to prevent the wax paper from sticking to the iron.

JAX does design capiz wax paper

I crumpled and then flattened out some sheets of wax paper to add texture to my “shells”. I randomly combined crumpled and uncrumpled sheets in each set of three.

JAX does design capiz wax paper crumpled


JAX does design capiz wax paper texture

Use a circle cutter to cut out the circles. I bought a 1-1/2” Fiskars punch at Michaels. Fold the wax paper like an accordion and punch out the circles in double-thicknesses. This will make things twice as fast, plus the cutter doesn’t cut very well through just one layer. I recommend doing this step in front of the TV while watching NCAA basketball :-)

JAX does design capiz cutting circles 1

You need a LOT of wax circles…

JAX does design capiz wax circles

Once the circles are cut, it’s time to attach them together. My original plan was to use jumper rings, but after linking one batch with rings, I realized this method would take me about seven years. Plus my thumb & finger were really not happy with me opening and closing all those rings. {Check out A Happy Place Called Home to see the jumper ring method done right.}

JAX does design capiz wax circles string 1

So I switched over to the sewing method – WAAAAYYY faster and easier. {Check out Lisa Roy Muskoka for an easy-to-follow tutorial with lots of pics.} Sew long chains of circles together, and then cut them to the lengths that you want.

Image via Lisa Roy Muskoka

Mine ranged from 7 circles per chain for the outer top tier, to 10 circles per chain for the lowest tier, to 20-22 circles per chain everywhere else. In the end, the circles on the lowest tier don’t actually show, but they help give the chandelier a fuller look.

Hubby installed the chandelier – remember to put in the bulbs before you put on the chains!

JAX does design capiz frame hanging

And then I hung the chains on it. I don’t have pictures of this part, because, well, I forgot to take pictures. Plus I didn’t hang them in the most logical order, so you don’t want to hang yours the way I hung mine. You want to start with the lowest tier and then move up. Also, after I hung all the chains, I took them all down when I realized that it would be better to wrap wire around each tier and hang the chains over the wire instead of over the brass arms. This way, the flat side would be pointing out instead of sideways.

JAX does design capiz hanging strings pm

And this is how it turned out…

JAX does design capiz after 1

My top outer tier is all the same length, and the rest of the chains are hung at slightly different lengths because I didn’t want the bottom to be perfectly straight.

JAX does design capiz after 2

JAX does design capiz after 3pm

JAX does design capiz after 4

JAX does design capiz after 5

Even close up, the wax paper really does look like capiz shells.

JAX does design capiz close off

JAX does design capiz close on

I still may do a little bit of tweaking to the top tier to make it fuller around the top. Just have to figure out how…

Here’s a breakdown of the supplies and costs:

  • Chandelier base – already had it, $0.00
  • Wax paper – already had a mega roll, bought one roll at the Dollar Store, $1.00
  • Jumper rings – 1 pack at Michaels, ~$3.00 with coupon {it’s better to sew circles together}
  • 1-1/2” circle cutter – $21.99 + 40% off coupon at Michaels, ~$14.00
  • Roll of wire – $2.00
  • Thread & sewing machine

TOTAL COST: $20.00

Yep, that’s right – just 20 smackers for what’s essentially a brand new chandelier. Not too shabby, eh? :-) So what do you think – will you be making your own capiz chandelier?

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  1. Great!! It looks gorgeous and brand new!!
    I like it!!!

  2. That is amazing! It sounds like it was a lot of work, great job!
    Xx Vicky

  3. Oh my goodness Kelly it turned out amazing! I NEED to try this!

  4. kelly ohhh my goodness That is amazing¡¡ It sounds like it was a lot of work!!! GREAT JOB!!! BRAVO

  5. Very creative and stunning when it's turned on!

  6. Okay girl, have you been peeking in my window as I have been working on a DIY ceiling fixture as well for one of our guest bed rooms, but its not as pretty and creative as yours though. Realize you did yours some time ago, but I find it amusing that you would be conincentally be posting a review of your light project today. ☺

    Mine is just a three bulb, fully shafted (no cord exposed) large drum pendant. Like yourself I am recycling two old lantern type chandeliers from the 2nd-hand shop, have combined the parts, had 'the hub' help me customize a few things (with his fancy machine-shop tools) and now just need to prime and paint it. Cost of same ending up to be $42.00, more than what you paid, but still rewarding to have something unique at a bargain ..... Happy Dance!!!!!! -Brenda-
    P.S: Supplies: x2 2nd-hand fixtures for parts, new drum lamp shade, ceiling canopy, pkg. of couplings, primer and paint.
    For those of you who do not know; Kelly lives one street over from me.

    1. Oops, as to lazy to retype my comment, correction of typo as word should have read: .....coincidentally......

    2. I love taking something old and making it into something new! Send me a picture of your light fixture when it's done, I'd love to see it. And maybe feature it on my blog? :-)


      P.S. I'm not a Peeping Tom, honest!

  7. WOW!!! All I can say is WOW!!! You have to come over to my house and help me make one of these! I'll provide the wine and nibblies - haha!! Stunning diy girlfriend :D Thanks so much for sharing it at It's Party Time!

  8. Loved this on the other blog, and it's still gorgeous and wonderful! :)

  9. Great job Kelly! I don't remember this from the other blog so thanks for sharing again. And no, I won't be trying this...no patience!

  10. This just blew me away. So clever and so pretty!

    1. Thanks Linda :-) It's really quite easy to do, just takes some patience!


  11. This must have taken hours !! It's fabulous but I could never do it - no patience whatsoever !!

  12. Thanks for linking to my chandelier and tutorial! Yours turned out beautifully - what a great base to recycle to start with. It does take a bit of patience but it's so worth it in the end, isn't it? xo

  13. I love this fugly to lovely makeover. You have lots of patience to make this but it does look wonderful and you can't beat that price!

  14. Haha this is amazing! I would never ever have the time or the patience to do this, and I envy anyone who can and does! Where there is a will there is a way!

  15. Stashing this post in my file. I have been wanting to do a faux capiz shell chandy for a while. Have never gotten to it but I will and soon hopefully. PS, wondering what is the light gray paint color in your hallway? I am switching over to gray and would love to know which ones you used here. Thanks. I appreciate it.

  16. That is absolutely AMAZING! Well done hubby :) for changing the frame but what I adore is the wax paper. It is beautiful, quite ethereal in fact. You have totally transformed the fitting, incredible. I cant help but notice your beautifully painted dark grey wall which is a great back drop to your collection of art. The white woodwork looks so fresh next to the grey, wow, a contemporary and stylish haven, very impressed!

  17. What a fabulous chandelier! Thanks so much for linking it to It's Party Time ~ I will be featuring it at midnight, tonight, when the party goes live. I would love for you to stop by and pick up a Featured On button.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Mary Beth @CupcakesAndCrinoline

  18. Kelly - I featured your beautiful chandy today!! Thanks for linking up to It's Party Time last week! http://www.settingforfour.com/2013/02/its-party-time-2-3-2013-features-and.html

  19. That is SO beautiful and really looks like capiz. I was looking for a capiz chandelier for my daughter's re-made bedroom, but couldn't find one that we liked AND that was affordable. So I might just try this! THANKS FOR SHARING!!!
    Jule {inside9B}


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