Sunday, December 9, 2012

PARA Paints Blog Crew project: Craft room reveal

First there were the Kelly Wearstler-inspired walls:

stripes painted 2

Then there was the Tiny Fey Sexy Librarian Desk:

orange drawers 3













And then the purple door with turquoise edges:

edge 2

And now my craft room is ready for its final reveal! Come on in and let’s take a look around…

JAX does design from doorway

As scary as it was, this is how the room looked before I got up the mojo to clean it up.

JAX does design craft room before 1

Hubby built a bulkhead to hide that silver duct pipe…

JAX does design craft room bulkhead pm

Which now doubles as a magnet board! The three magnets on the left are glass pieces from RAVEK architectural glass art – I just hot glued small magnets to the backs of the pieces of glass.

JAX does design magnets 2

I hung some colourful jewelry from these dog butt magnets :-)

JAX does design necklaces

As you can see in the before pics. there was no ceiling and just one bare light bulb in the middle of the room. Hubby installed a ceiling and pot lights…

JAX does design ceiling 3 pm

And then I convinced him that the room really needed a chandelier – especially because I found the perfect sparkly purple chandelier at HomeSense :-)

JAX does design chandelier close 4

JAX does design chandelier crystals close

I also picked up a couple of orange ceramic boxes and a bright pink clock at HomeSense.

JAX does design shelves 5

JAX does design pink clock 2

I saw these pink pencil holders at Ikea – perfect to add another touch of bright pink to the room.

JAX does design Ikea pink pencil holders

As I walked towards the cash with the pink pencil holders, I though to myself it was too bad Ikea doesn’t sell pink trash cans and OH MY GOD, THEY DO SELL PINK TRASH CANS! I snapped one up, and now it’s holding foil for more foil art.

JAX does design Ikea pink trash can

I originally planning to paint my old Ikea Billy bookcase and use it for display and storage, but by this point I was tired of painting and just wanted something done and ready to go. The Expedit shelving unit from Ikea was perfect…

JAX does design shelving 4

But the unit sits flat on the floor, so it would have to stand away from the wall in order to clear the baseboard. Unless we added legs to it – and it just so happens the Stuva Grundlig legs come with green feet in just the right shade to go with the desk :-)

JAX does design shelving leg 1

The back legs are positioned far enough in on the base so that the unit clears the baseboard.

JAX does design shelving back leg close

This baby is solid and definitely won’t be tipping over! Even filled with my craft stuff and projects and a few knicknacks, like buttons and pieces of costume jewelry and beads….

JAX does design button jars 6

JAX does design coloured glass vases

JAX does design glitter and ribbons

JAX does design books

JAX does design chalk paint 1

JAX does design floats 1

These white boxes from Ikea hold all my bottles of paint. The labels are paint chips in the colours of the paints that are in each box. Now when I need green paint, I know where to find green paint :-)

JAX does design white Ikea boxes 1

One of the end walls in the room has a big opening. I assume it’s there to let in some light from the patio doors, seeing as there aren’t any windows in the room. It really didn’t serve any useful purpose before…

JAX does design craft room before 3

…and then I had an AH-HA moment – why not create  a little something like this:

craft room mary ohara interiorsImage via Houzz | Design by Martha O’Hara Interiors

Hubby added strips to each side of the opening with holes that metal rods from Home Depot sit in.

 rods in holes

And voila, a gift wrapping holder that doubles as a privacy screen from the rest of the basement :-)

gift wrapping wall RS

I want to be able to use the desk from any side, so rather than pushing it up against a wall, it’s in the middle of the room. I like to paint and work on crafts standing up, so hubby modified it to be counter height. But for the sitting down kind of projects, there’s a purple counter height stool from Wicker Emporium.

JAX does design from doorway 3

I picked up some colourful plastic baskets at the Dollar Store to corral my stuff in the desk drawers.

JAX does design inside desk drawer

The ledges are the perfect place to put my finished artwork and some more knicknacks….

JAX does design balloon dog

JAX does design chandelier close 5

from shelf corner 2

A huge thank you to PARA Paints and Bonds Decor for providing all the paint for my craft room. Here are the colours that I used.

image_thumb3 P5216-14D Climb the Mast Desk legs, ceiling, trim, stripes on walls
image_thumb2 P5021-41D Shopping Spree Desk body & legs above brass bands
image P5021-34 Splurged Again Door edges
image P5021-24 It’s A Steal Walls
image_thumb1 P5072-65 Sunkist Inside of drawers
image_thumb P5044-62 Leek Top of desk
image P5196-51 Platform Sandals Door

I’m so happy with how my craft room turned out. It’s bright and colourful and functional, and all my craft supplies are now in one place and within easy reach. Well, for now, anyway – knowing me, it won’t be neat & organized for long!

Do you have a craft room or a designated spot in your house where you work on your projects?


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  1. It looks amazing Kelly! I love all the big pops of colour + the wrapping paper "privacy screen"!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is INCREDIBLE! SO much thought and detail - that wrapping paper window is genius. WOW!

  3. Great space, Kelly, you did an amazing job putting it together!! As for me, I do all of my projects on the dining table, I wish I had a space like this!

  4. I love it Kelly! Such a colourful, inspiring room. I can't wait to see what crafts you are inspired to create! Great job!

  5. Omg!! Such organization skills!! Great job!! It's great to have your own private space to work in!! I hope you'll be very creative in your space!! I'll have to do with my balcony so far !!! :))

  6. Great job Kelly! What a transformation and I love all of the colour! Now go create something, ok?


  7. I love it Kelly! Such a colourful, inspiring room. I can't wait to see what crafts you are inspired to create! Great job!

  8. Kelly it turned out so great! So bright, happy and cheerful! I love your idea to use the large cutout window as a place to put wrapping paper. That is a brilliant idea! I'm sure you'll spend many happy hours creating in this room!

  9. Wow, Kelly your craft room is great. Love the wrapping paper holder doubling as a 'pretty' room divider. Enjoy your new room!

  10. What a stunner of a craft room, Kelly. There seems to be no end to what you can do on a budget, with colour and all the while fostering multiple puppies !!

  11. Wow Kelly you are a talented lady!And what a great place to go and be inspired good for you!!!!!

  12. I'm totally jealous of your little crafting mecca! It turned out incredible, especially that *DESK*! Love, love, love. Actually love doesn't even really cover how much I love bright, bold furniture. Let's just say it's A LOT (c;

  13. Kelly you did an amazing job -- lots of work but who wouldn't want to spend time in there!
    I love your peacock feather painting on the shelf :) and those white Ikea boxes for your paints is an outstanding idea - simple yet practical and pretty! Geez Louise, there are so many things I think are amazing. Clever adding the dowels for gift wrap -- now that is something I would love to have somewhere in my place. Smashing stuff. (Diane J-Schuller)

  14. Wow! Unbelievable! And yet, having had the pleasure of seeing your design skills in action at your gorgeous home, Kelly, it's so NOT surprising that your new craft room is thoughtfully, creatively designed with pops of fun colour, with delightful paintings of your own creation, wonderfully organized... and all the elements make a totally fab whole! You are an inspiration! Love your glass art, btw! (just sayin')! Enjoy using your new room, ready for the new year ahead!
    Cheers, Pam
    RAVEK Architectural Glass Art |

  15. Kelly,

    You have outdone yourself! Seriously! The color choices....the details....this should be on a HGTV show!


  16. Kelly, my apologies! I read your post on my phone while I was out, and retweeted it as commenting from it is giving me issues. Had every good intention of leaving a comment when I got home, and clearly did not! I was totally blown away by the transformation! WOW!!! You have done a bang-up job. I love the ceiling - what a gorgeous finishing touch. I have to say, I think my favorite moment was the gift wrapping station/privacy screen. That was pure genius on every level... and now I want one! I love the way you styled the Expedit unit, and of course the brilliant addition of the Stuva Grundlig legs to it. You didn't miss anything! You can design a craft room for me any day, my friend. Congratulations on a fantastic job!!!

  17. Looks great. Love the colours and the storage

  18. Awesome Kelly. You did a beautiful job!!!!!! Applause, applause.
    Warm hugs -Brenda-

    1. Thanks Brenda :-) It was a really fun room to design and pout together. Everything just sort of evolved and fell right into place :-)

  19. Kelly - I am seriously in love with all of your pops of color! it is such a fun and creative inspiring space! Hard to believe where it started! And you are so right, that chandy is a must! :)

  20. That's an awesome craftsroom! The use of space is brilliant!

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