Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bulkhead befuddlement

Yeah, I really did say befuddlement – that’s because I’m befuddled! Our next renovation project is the basement. It’s kinda sorta finished. The walls are drywalled and painted (although the wall colour is going to change). The floor is done (although we’re ripping up the laminate and replacing it with cork). And the ceiling needs to be completely done.

The thing about basement ceilings is that there’s usually a lot going on between the joists. Plumbing pipes, ductwork, I beams… all the things you want to hide. And hiding them requires bulkheads. And that brings me to my befuddlement – how to paint the bulkheads. I originally planned to paint them the same colour as the walls.


Or maybe they should be painted white, like the ceiling.


Or maybe a combination of both?

But then I found this – what about cladding them in wood veneer…

Do you see my befuddlement?! Which option would you choose?
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Friday, April 4, 2014

A bit of this and that

Thanks for all the kinds words about Squirt. I miss her a lot, and I know this summer is going to be hard without my swimming buddy at the cottage. Everyone is going to ask where the “chien du lac” is. She won’t be with me in the water, but she’ll always be wit me in my heart…

squirt on dock maine 2011

On a brighter note, I’ve got some really exciting projects to share with you – two huge basement makeovers, and our master bathroom reno is FINALLY finished! Here’s a little teaser sneak peek…

sink faucet 1

Also, I’ve been going paint crazy! I’m loving the new technique that I tried out…

Sparkly Waters sigSparkly Waters


rainbow metals 2 sigMolten Rainbow


molten metallics 2 pm sigPurple Flow

And this colourful one that I just finished today…

rainbow explosion sigRainbow Explosion


Happy weekend!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Good-bye Squirt

We had Squirt put to sleep :-( The tumour in her neck didn’t get any smaller on the increased dose of Prednisone, and she was having trouble breathing and couldn’t stand up. We couldn’t let her go on like that, so we made an appointment with the vet at 2:00 on March 1st. Before we brought her to the clinic, we gave her a bunch of meatballs and her favourite doggie treats. And lots of pats & hugs & kisses too. It was extremely sad and heartbreaking, but it was also a relief when she was no longer struggling to breathe and she was at peace. Love you and miss you always, Squirtsy…

squirt-maine-2011-tongueSquirt at sunset in Maine, September 2011

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Squirt in the surf

It’s been a rough few days here – our Black Lab Squirt was diagnosed with cancer at the end of January, and took a turn for the worse on Wednesday. Up till then, she was happy and comfortable and showed no signs of being in any pain or discomfort. Now, she can’t even stand up :-( I hate seeing her in distress, and I know we’re going to have to make the decision that all pet owners dread in the next day or two.

Back in August 2010, hubby and I took Squirt and Jackson on a trip to Nova Scotia. We went with some flyball friends and all their dogs – there were 20 dogs between us all! We took the dogs to the beach every day and played with them in the ocean. It was an awesome week, and this is how I’m always going to remember Squirt – having the time of her life in the ocean surf. Here are some of my favourite pictures from that week…

pr dogs running RS

Squirt and Jackson… splish-splash!

JS running RS

JS running away RS

B throwing stick

splash RS

splash stick RS

sharing stick RS

squirt running 3 RS

squirt running 2 RS

squirt 7 RS

squirt 5 RS

squirt 2 RS

Squirt getting nailed by a big wave – hehehehehe!

squirt in waves RS

Sticks are fun!

squirt in water with stick RS

jax stick RS

gb squirt in water cool tail RS

in the waves RS

Don’t make me share…

got the stick RS

got the stick 2 RS

Well then, I’ll just get two of my own…

squirt two sticks RS

A couple of big shakes…

gb squirt shaking RS

jax face shake RS

…and a roll in the sand…

S sand RS

That was fun!

squirt drippy chin RS

jax RS

Cancer might take Squirt away from us, but nothing will take away our love for her and our happy memories of our almost-11 years together.

Give your pet an extra-big hug & kiss today.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sorry, butt I just couldn’t help myself

In honour of Valentine’s Day, I was going to write a sentimental blog post about hearts. But then I came across a picture that totally changed the direction I was going in. So now, my friends, I give you… heart butts :-) Because that’s just how I roll…

Image via Small Dogs Rock


Image via


Image via Twinkie Tiny Dog


How can someone’s butt be naturally heart shaped??? <br />Olive&#8217;s butt (9 week old tri color corgi)<br />Follow Olive &amp; Tabasco at and
Images via OCD: Obsessive Corgi DIsorder


Image via (Wild) Rice for all Seasons


Image via 2 Guys, 2 Dogs, and lots of Food


Image via Cute Overload


Image via


Image via Molly Montana’s Blog


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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